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Skip the clutter and track your website visitors through only the important data points to monitor your website performance. Enjoy simple website visitor statistics with unlimited site profiles. Setup is a breeze, get started today.
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Seamlessly integrate TrackMyViews with any website based on any platform.
(Ecommerce, Custom HTML/PHP, Wordpress Visitor Tracking, and more.)
Installation consists of 1 line of code. Need help with that? No problem, we are happy to integrate your tracking code for you.

Visitor Tracking Made Simple

If you are looking for countless features like many of the other analytics platforms out there, TrackMyViews is not for you.

When we say simple, we mean simple. TrackMyViews is based on a very light-weight, easy on the eyes interface that will allow you to monitor your website visitors, uptime, and site performance without the frills.

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Common Questions

TrackMyViews gathers information such as real-time tracking, historical tracking, website visitor counting, website visitor frequency, basic website speed averages and other simplistic data points.

The goal of TrackMyViews is to deliver, accurate, simple information that is easy to understand. New features such as usability, bugs, and enhancements are always in development.

Unlimited website profiles means, you can track multiple websites. For example, if you have 3 websites, you can setup up your visitor tracking for each of your 3 websites and TrackMyViews will display and compare all of this information for you. Additionally, you could setup multiple profiles for a single website. For example, let's say you want to track sales orders vs website visitors.

All of your website visitor and performance information collected are tracked and displayed in real-time.

We try and make all aspects simple, please have your customer access pin handy. To update your subscription billing details please click here. To cancel your TrackMyViews subscription click here.

Website Traffic Comparisons

For users that have multiple websites, your TrackMyViews dashboard will consolidate all of your website data in one easy overview.

See your website visitors, page views, and average performance across your own network of websites. Additionally, your dashboard will give you a birds-eye view of website visitors in real time.

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Unlimited Websites

Have multiple sites? No problem! Track as many websites as you wish, there are no limitations on the number of site profiles you can create.

Quick View

You do not have to look far to see the most important visual data. See your visitor stats, page views, and site loading time quickly in your dashboard.

Cancel Anytime

While we wish you would stay with us forever, we know that is just not reasonable. Your TrackMyViews subscription can be canceled anytime, no questions asked.

How it works

With a single line of code inserted into your website, the TrackMyViews system tracks your website and visitor activity. The information collected is automatically packaged, cleaned up, and made available for you to view via your secure interface.

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